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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

~~Four Hundredth Post: A WTF, HOW Post~~

Hey, Angel here. Just checking up on all of you guys.....


Tonight is a historic occasion. I have hit my four hundredth post my loves!!!!

This is it.

I'm writing it right now.

And is anyone surprised I'm struggling to find something to say?

By the Gods, my loves....

Four hundred posts.

Four hundred posts.

And it won't be very long until I have hit ten times that amount of views.

By the gods...

How did this happen?

I'm a fifteen year old girl.

I never claimed to be good.

I rarely offer advice.

All I do is write poetry and stories...And I'm still viewed and read and loved. I'm just a simple girl...Nothing special.

But I'm still here, writing as much as I can, getting more famous as time goes by.

I love you so much, those of you who have been with me throughout my journey.

May we keep on moving.


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