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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

~~I'm No Angel~~

For the longest time, you've told me
To look through the dark agony
And spot the gold in my eyes
The truth behind the lies
You told me I was an Angel
When I think I'm deserving of hell
You look at me
And attempt to convince me
That I am worthy of the name
And all of the fame
Resting upon my shoulders
But, I am growing colder
And it seems I feel so little
Well, at least I'm no longer brittle
But now it seems like I could leave
Everyone, and never grieve
Is that strength, or weakness?
Feeling, or numbness?
Still, you tell me to smile
And to try and be proud for a while
I know I've come far
But it's not without a scar
A scar that will never fade
The mark of a heart too often played
And, as I live my life
I can no longer save you from the knife
Instead I just stop caring
And hide from the eyes that don't stop staring
Staring at my wounds and wondering
If I still feel their sting
I'm no Angel
But....I won't go to hell
I'll be the best I can be
So you won't see
The emptiness in me
That masquerades as sympathy

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