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Saturday, August 25, 2012

~~OH HOLY CRUD YO--Life Post--

You, oh lovely readers, simply amaze me! Oh so many views...I simply must bask in your adoration of me!

You guys DO realize that, by reading my blog so much, you're just feeding my a bit over-the-top self image?


You love me.

And, in honor of that love....I'm going to take a huge risk and just hope none of you mind that I'm linking something...ahem, eighteen plus. Yes, I'm fifteen. Shush. No one really cares these days...And besides this story is just golden! It's hilarious, sexy, and it kept me laughing and smiling the entire time. I LOVE the author Firebrain, but this is her best work!!! I really wish she'd write a lot more....She has a lot of stories posted, but none of them are recent...She's stopped writing I suppose. Well here you are! She Needs A Montage by the lovely and talented Firebrain! If, dear lady, you ever happen to read this......I LOVE YOU AND I LAY ETERNAL CLAIM TO OLLY!

Ahem...Erm....I'm getting sidetracked.

Why am I talking about porn?

A better question would be....WHY NOT? Ach I'm seriously thinking about turning my hand to writing erotica. of course I can't really make an account on literotica.com but...What about me making an 18+ blog? If I post the story links on here, and perhaps a bit of a blurb about each one, would you guys read them? I really hope you would! I want to get feedback.....

I love you deeply kiddies, but I'm off to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. If you feel like watching it with me...CLICK ME! CLICK ME NOW! Ohh...CLICK ME!!!! Erm....I need to go now....I love you forever world!! I'll post again tonight I swear x3

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