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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

~~Dear God of Inspiration Known As Fred: COME BACK~~

Oh Mighty Fred, Lord of Inspiration, God of Writers! Grant me my inspiration once again!

Damn, I need to quit blabbing about my stories, don't I? I need to focus on the writing. *Le sigh.* Oh shit flashback...Easy Angel, forget the memories of your former Master. Forget. Breathe little one, breathe. You can pull through.

Okay me is good. I get...memories a lot. I think a lot and thinking is bad. I watch anime to keep from thinking.

But blogging is nothing but thinking. I blog to think.

So why do I blog?

Because anime does get a bit repetitive.

Except for Black Butler.

I will always love it.

Now, Dear God Fred, grant me my inspiration so I may continue my asinine and amusing story once more....

Farewell, dearest lovers.

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