~~This Time It's Different by Evans Blue~~

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

~~Memory of a Master~~

I suddenly grow frightened
Fall off my chair
And stand
But you simply pet my hair

And pull me to you
Looking into my eyes
Looking for something, anything, true
Something other than the lies

My eyes drop to the floor
Avoiding your searching gaze
That seeks to find my core
And expose it to the light of day

You smile and whisper soothingly
Telling me I am fine
I attempt to flee
But you say commandingly, "You're mine."

I freeze, and look up at you
But then I tremble and remember
Your love for me is true
As it has been true since November

The fateful nights when I fell
Collapsed by your side
And you pulled me out of hell
And opened me when I tried to hide

You smiled, and whispered my name
Soothingly, lovingly
For a moment, I forget you're just a player in the game
And believe you do love me

I press close to you, smiling again
Trying to believe I'm safe here
But god only knows when
I'll feel fear

Fear of you, of me
Of being hurt, destroyed
Of suffering agony
The familiar suffering of 'just another toy.'

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