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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

~~Tales Written On A Plucked Angel's Feather 2.0~~

I'm shivering
So weakly
You're watching me
So strangely
New faces, new eyes
Tracing my form
Examining the scars
That glimmer in the dim light
Examining all the diamond-plated wounds
Soft questions form
On judging lips
I shiver
And you watch me
Many hands reach
Out to me
Chanting softly
"New friend, new girl."
I listen
Only a bit afraid
Will you leave me
If I show you
Who I am?
Will you judge me
If I whisper
The truths
Of my scars?
But I need to try
So I speak
Ignoring the trembling
In my lips and voice
And tell
A tale
Of friends lost
And found
Of suicide
Of love
Of rape and nights alone
Or darkness and shadows and prayers
Prayers unanswered
You flinch when I speak
And reveal the long nights
Of cold, bared skin and goosebumps
Perfume bottles clutched
In trembling hands
And then the sordid fumbles
Of skin across skin
Feeling places
I had never felt
I felt so much fear
But you listened
And watched me
I grew weaker
Telling of the betrayal
Of a decision
To leave someone
Someone I love
Someone who loved me
Who craved me
Who needed me
Someone who looked after me
And would have given me
The entire world
If I just took his hand
But I didn't
I left him
And left him crying
Hating me
But loving me
Always loving me
I fall
To my knees
Unable to look
At those who listened
Those who watched
Those who judged
But then
Two hands
Wrap around me
And lift me to my feet
I press back, find a body
Much larger than mine
And a bristly chin
That rubs itself on my forehead
I find my lover's hands
And clutch them
Tightly in mine
I smile up at him
And then gaze
Back out to the eyes
That stared back at me
The lips
Tilt up into smiles
And their arms spread
And I fall into them
Hugging them tight
A new chance
For a new life
For happiness
For friendship
Behind me, Ted stands
And watches over me
Smiling with pride

Pride of me
Who has suffered
And yet loved
Loved him for the failures
For the mistakes
For the successes
Of his life
And he felt
A single tear
Roll down his cheek
And drop to the obsidian earth
A fallen

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