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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

~~Run From Me: Poem and Post~~

Don't love me

Please don't

I can't take anything like that

I can't take it now

Not after everything

So if you value yourself

Leave me behind


I'm not the beautiful, smart, wise girl you tell me. I'm not the girl who always does her homework. I'm not the girl who always dresses to please. I'm not the girl who smiles and laughs all the time. I'm not the girl who spends a lot of her time trying to overcome the life of shyness she'd lived before and make friends. I'm not the girl who everyone loves. I'm not the girl who loves herself.

I'm the girl who thinks she's ugly. I'm the girl who is nowhere near as smart as her brother. I'm the girl who has made more mistakes than should be possible. I'm the girl who only does her homework when there's an actual point. I'm the girl who wears whatever I can just so I can attract attention, feel less alone. I'm the girl who fakes a smile every once in a while. I'm the girl with a laugh she hates. I'm the girl with only a few friends who hides her face and avoids looking at people. I'm the girl who is only wanted because she's fake. I'm the girl who's empty inside.

And you, my loves, who read this will likely continue to only see the things I don't. The parts of me that keep you as friends and lovers throughout my life. Why? Because you're blind. Blind and refusing to see the obvious: I'm not who you think.

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