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Friday, November 16, 2012

~~To All New Readers...: Intro Post~~

So today was the Dare to Stand Out Conference. To all people who attended the workshop I gave a quick presentation at, HI YOU PEOPLE!!!!!

I love every last one of you who showed up today and went to my blog. Just so you know, this is pretty much the first chance I got to post, so sorry!!!!!

Okay guys....

Today went so much better than I expected! I expected no one to understand me, for things to go wrong, hell for even my boyfriend Ted to mess up something. I expected the day to go badly. I expected people to not find me funny--at all! And you guys LAUGHED! You laughed--in a good way!!! Thanks for that....It meant more than you think.

Alright guys so welcome everyone to the blog ~~Behind the Diamond Curtain.~~ Go where you wish and read what you want--every word is honest. Every word is true. Of course, there's some things about me you won't find on here, but....Read away.

To navigate, just go through my most-read post list, or go to some of my pages. You'll find links to stories and poems there. By the way, everything that does not have something along the lines of Life Post after the title is a poem, or a story.

If you come across any terms you don't get, there's a search bar you can use. I'm planning on adding a ~~Glossary~~ tab for all of my odd phrases--and there are a lot that I use, such as the word Figments.

I hope you enjoy this blog, loves. Remember, if you need a friend, or even if you find me interesting ( :D ) email me, or just drop a comment any place.

Love you all!

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