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Monday, November 12, 2012


Ahem. Hi. It's me. Nice to see y'all again....So, I just felt like saying this as I sit here in History class feeling mighty spiffy....


Okay, time to stop talking that way because it is just plain weird and I have no idea why I even started doing that. But, because I'm awesome, I'm gonna leave that as the introduction to this lovely little blog post.

I feel oddly bipolar!


I am happy, I'm so happy! 

And I also broke my hands!

Not legit, guys, otherwise I wouldn't be typing this. But, my left wrist and hand feels oddly stiff and my left thumb, as per usual, is odd. You guys remember my old skiing injury? Well, it's back dudes. I hit it on a ski lift and it was shoved a good inch into it's socket....Never been the same after that. Well, it hurts and won't bend right. And my left wrist seems to be quite stiff...My right hand is still good, though!

Other than that, I managed to survive writing my novel for NaNoWriMo.

I finished it on Saturday, at around 9:30-10:00 p.m. I started the major writing binge at exactly 11:30 a.m. I wrote a full...wait for it..FIFTY THREE PAGES! WOOT, WOOT! Aka the remaining 13,333 words.

So, yes. My hands have been deceased for a while.


And I have also a very bad headache.....

But, other than that, I am definitely fine! I am happeh....And good....And I'm cheerful....



I finally got a better understanding of my role as a speaker in the Online Resources workshop, which is offered here at my school on November 16th. Ahem, we're associated with Jer's Vision, so feel free to google it and find out if you're in the area. If so, drop me an email or approach me during the Dare to Stand Out Conference. I'll be around--of course I will be, it's at my school.

Well, my role as a speaker will be to basically tell my story and talk about why I blog. I blog for a lot of reasons, my dearest readers. I blog so I can...be happy, and get my life on track. I write because it tells my story and makes me feel important. Having a blog and having people care about your blog and having people read it again and again....I like it. It's like a very easy ego boost.

And, sometimes, the best thing people can get is an ego boost.

I also will be walking with people through setting up their own blog. Hopefully I'll manage to have a Master List of the URLS of all attendee's blogs at the end of it.....A list I likely won't post here--even though I will be following them.

Well, looks like history class is ending soon.

Sorry I can't post much....It's just that hotmail has been malfunctioning at school, and then I've been writing a lot at home/doing homework.

Well, I love you so damn much.....

I hope to see you guys on the 16th!

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