~~This Time It's Different by Evans Blue~~

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

~~Beautiful When You're Broken~~

Your eyes are shut tightly
You can barely breathe

You're holding on to me
Crying out to me, "Please!"

"Please won't you help me?
"Make my world okay?
"Take away my agony
"And give me back the day?"

I feel my heart shatter
As I hold you close
The shadows don't matter
Even though they cling like clothes

They hide your brightness
So I am the only one that sees
I'll paint your likeness
Where it'll be washed away by the sea

I'll stand upon the shore
And watch you play
Hoping you would need me forever more
Waiting for the day

To end again, so I can hold you
So I can be the only one
To see the good in you
Until the night is done

When you're happy
You just ignore me
Until you run back, needing me
Only in agony

Am I sad about this?
No, as long as I
Get to feel your kiss
Even if it's given while you cry....

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