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Sunday, November 18, 2012

~~Giving Myself Away~~

Lying here in bed
Living life in my own head

Everything seems wrong
While I'm listening to our song

You wouldn't get it if I told you
The things that aren't true
You'd stare at me and say
"Girl, come back to me again another day."

You'd always want me back
Love for me you ain't gonna lack
I wish I could tell you
Love for you isn't true

I keep giving myself away
Trying to find what I found in you that day
I keep running away, trying to hide
So you won't see that I lied

I can't be your girl
Until my wings unfurl
And it seems like I'll never fly
Because getting better I can't even try

I just keep on crying
But I make no sound, not sobbing
They just fall from my eyes
Not washing off the makeup that covers the lies

I don't know why I do this
Run from you, who gave me my first kiss
But I can't seem to stop
From starting to window shop

All the people who want to play
They find me some how, every day
How many do I say yes to?
Does it matter at all to you?

I'm sorry I don't deserve you
I can't ever be true
Leave if you'd like
I've done too much with Mike....>.>

I love Ted, I truly do...But.....I don't know what's wrong with me!!!!!!!!

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