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Language Barriers?

Friday, November 9, 2012

~~This Procrastination Is Outta Control!--Life Post~~

Hello there, my wonderful beautiful darlings! Here I am....A young writer with a story to tell and a past you could make one of those teen-in-trouble movies-with-a-message things about. I'm fifteen, bisexual, and above all I'm me. I'm....I'm different.

I'm also so damned tired!

I keep writing so much that a part of me just knows I'll eventually have carpal tunnel syndrome, but doesn't it seem like it's worth it? I mean....I love to write. and if my hands get damaged in the process, than I suppose every thing you love has its faults.

Right now, I'm writing with my eyes closed, and I have found out a pretty damn cool thing--I write really fast with my eyes closed. Okay, it doesn't mean I don't make typos, but still....I do know my little laptop very well by now.

Well...I'll talk to you later loves! Planning on adding an ~~Images~~ page, to show you guys some of my favorite pics from across the interwebz. Should be online eventually....

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