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Saturday, November 17, 2012

~~I Guess I'm Fine~~

Little smiles
All of them true
Grace my lips
I laugh
And nuzzle close
To the sweater-clad chest
Of the man I love
His arm
Wraps around my shoulders
Clutching me to him
He pets my hair
Softly and soothingly
My eyes drift shut
I feel
I feel
With him, right here
Right now, in his arms
Crazy as it seems
I do love him
When he's here
But when he's not
I go numb again
And drift once more
It seems like
We are doing okay
Over seven months now....
What do we do, after so long?
We still laugh
We still love
We still kiss
We still hug
We still cuddle close
We still watch YouTube videos
We still play on the XBOX together
We still are awesome
So...I guess
That as long as he's around
I'm perfectly fine
Happy, even
But...When he's not?
I guess I'm fine still....Maybe

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