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Language Barriers?

Saturday, November 17, 2012

~~So Many Useless Wishes~~

The life I live
The soul I hate
The love I can't feel
If I could attach
Love ONE
Really love, instead
Of just say I do
If I could do that
Could I love?
Could the soul
I hate
No longer be shown
Through frosted windows?
I wish that
I could
I wish
I wouldn't just chase
After anyone who seems
Like they could love me
And make me less lonely
I wish
I wouldn't just lie
And tell them how they
Want to believe I feel
Even though
It's nowhere near true

I wish so much
But I don't even think
It matters what I want
I have things to do
And a life to live
A life
That is chosen for me....
I wish
I could be
More honest
With the people in my life.....

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