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Language Barriers?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

~~I Am Justified~~

How could you ask this?
How could you ask me
Why I do this?
Why I scream, why I shout, why I yell?
Why I turn and I bleed upon the soil
Feeding the earth with my mark?
How could you ask this when you don't see?
How could you ask me why
When you don't do
What I do?
When you don't run and breathe
And try to be free
When the world is shattering?
Why do you ask?
Why do you care?
When you weren't there to see
The sky fall the world burn the air end?
When you didn't see
How hard it hit me
To be alone and bleeding?
Why didn't you know?
When I ran with you once?
When I did this with you once?
When did you change, huh?
When did you join them
In their hatred of me?
I am justified
In leaving you behind....

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