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Friday, June 1, 2012

~~Back Online: Life Post~~

So hey kiddies, tis me, your belated blogger lover. How fares me? Well I fare well, thank you kindly for asking. And how fares thee? I hope you all fare well :3

Anywho, as you have probably guessed from the title, I have gone back online and I think I intend to remain there x3 At least for a lot longer now....It's really good to hear from them all again. When I went offline, I was running from my past, but I realized I couldn't escape it. I realized that the memories would always follow me, always be with me, until the day I die. And there will be no escaping it. But there is hope yet, my adorable wanderers...There is hope yet. There is hope yet. I AM healing kiddies, you know I am. And not only because of Ted, but because of time. It has been months since I was...what I was. And though it has left its scars on me, they can fade, and they are fading. I am healing, slowly, but day by day I'm getting better. And though it will be a good while before I tell you why I'm hurting so much, just know that I am better now, and the addiction that haunted me is fading. And right now I know that, when I ran, it wasn't my past I was running from....But my friends. My friends, their judgements, their pain, and their lives.

And I know now that I was wrong to run.

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