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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

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Me again world, deciding to sloop back into blogging for a nice little quickie. As you can see, I'm not too deeply inclined on formulating my thoughts, so I'll just give you a handful of little snippets...

Sun-Jung's geography class is doing the same style project as mine. It is weighted the same way. And her class somehow gets two weeks while mine is due tomorrow....WHAT THE HELL?

In drama class, we will get one rehearsal with all of our group members because one of them (who has not showed up to one rehearsal out of about a week's worth) will be in Ottawa. He also is the one with the most trouble remembering things. Again I say, WTH?

On the bridge today, as I read, I spotted on the bridge a single rock that was shaped somewhat like the profile of a man's face. I thought to myself, What if this represents mankind? What if we're balanced over a rushing river, death on either side, held completely still by fear despite rushing winds? What if... This is about when I throw the rock into the river.

It's almost nice not having a cellphone (got grounded from it for three days) because now I can actually focus on things and not worry about them.

My hair is a very nice purple.

I got the awesomest hat ever--NUKE A GAY WHALE FOR CHRIST is the slogan on it. ;D

I think I am ready for my exams. Everything but French at least...

I'm doing my French oral exam either Thursday or Friday. So I'll spend all of Wednesday night studying. I'll be ready enough for it, I know I will be.

I'm working on rereading the Warrior Prophet--the second novel of the Prince of Nothing Series. God it's good to get some actual me time in!

I oughta go on, I think Ian ain't doing well but....I can't do this right now. Not enough time!

I'm done printing off the last of my geography assignment, so this blogger is out for a while--peace!


azrael said...

Ian's fine, sister dear, he's...well, he's alive anyway. He can't wait to hear from you, though I'm sure he's glad you're enjoying yourself~

azrael said...

Assuming, of course, you're referring to my brother~

Alexandra Wong said...

I'm glad Ian is doing well--I worry about him, you know....I've had so many people break and shatter I can't help but almost expect him to do the same. But he is also insanely strong so....I suppose it is foolish of me to worry