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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

~~HER Chapter Six--Infinity~~

--Jamie's POV--

So now I was alone. Nowhere to stay, no one to love, no one to be with me. I was alone.

So what was I going to do now?

The answer comes easily: Deal with it.

I was going to go through hell.


She wanted me to.

Could I fight Her?


There was nothing I could do.

Nothing I could do but survive.

And that was something I was planning on doing....

I stand up from the side of the road, pushing myself up from the concrete where I had been sitting. I had to survive. That was all I could do.

Brushing back my hair and groaning, I think to myself, Well, at least She's not here....That's one bright spot, I guess.....

I realize a second later that that was perhaps the stupidest thought to ever reach my mind....

Because of course, a second later I sense Her near me.

I sense Her hand on my shoulder.

I hear Her laugh.

"Hello, Jamie...." She whispers in my ear. "Long time no haunt...."

I trembled--but in fear or relief I did not know.

She was back with me, tormenting me, torturing me.

Was this a good thing or a bad thing...?

Why is it that I missed this...?

Why is it that I missed Her?

I guess I just did.....

I missed this torture.

This sweet, so well-deserved torture.

I drift, let Her near me, let Her whisper in my ear.

I deserved this.....

Even though I do not know a single thing that happened that night, I deserved this.....

This torture.

This torment.

--Logan's POV--

So She was gone. Did I even have to wonder where?


I wished him luck....

At least I was alone now!

I forced away the thought. She was with Jamie--who knew what She was doing to him? And I wasn't there!
I wasn't strong enough....If I went to him, who knew what kind of new hell She would inflict on us both?

But at least neither of us would be suffering it alone....

I forced away THAT thought, as well. He was gone, he was with Her--why did I care? My turn would
come again. It wasn't like anything he was suffering I had not yet suffered. And, if it was new, She was sure
to be inflicting it on me later. I was Her lover, not him!

Wait....Did I just call myself Her lover?

I fall to my knees, unsure as to scream in fear or frustration. Why did I love Her? Why did I miss Her? Why did I need Her?

And who in hell had killed Her, anyways?

I sighed. Would I ever know?

I was sure that Ann remembered seeing Her fall, seeing me get hurt....I didn't even remember that much! All I remembered was me waking up in the hospital, my stomach stitched closed, my mom and dad sitting beside me, looking worried.

I bolted to my feet.

Mom and Dad!

I hadn't called them since....Since that day.

Did they even know I was alive?

Were....Were they alive?

I called Mom, hoping she answered.

She never picked up.

I leave her a quick message, and dial Dad's number, but hang up when I hear a voice saying, This number
that you have dialed is no longer in service....

Oh, my god.

Oh, no.

Were they alive?

I looked online, using my laptop and searching their names. They were alive....

I close it, sighing.

So She hadn't gotten to them.

Maybe She hadn't thought of it...?

I force that thought away.

I just hoped that She never thought of killing my parents....

Would She be that cold?

That cruel?

The answer comes to me in a whisper, "Yes...."

She knew.

She could hear my thoughts....

Well, that was nice to know.

I guess.

--Her's POV--

Could I kill them? To make him suffer?

They were innocents! What had they done to earn their deaths?

They had given birth to him....And they would pay for it.

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