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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

~~Half-Remembered Nightmare~~

I wake in dread
Panting for breath, begging
Pleading with my head
Asking not to be remembering

The things that haunted me
The blue eyes
The lipstick lips that tore at me
As they spoke the lies

"You're a loser, a cunt, a whore!"
"How'd you get in this school?
"Did your face break the glass door?"
"Normally girls rule, but you just drool."

"Get out of my face
"You pathetic bitch
"You'd better learn your place
"And it ain't among a school for the rich."

I hear the voices
I hear the laughter
I try to make different choices
But it just gets louder

I can't escape
I hear the sound whenever I'm awake
My heart has taken on a new shape
This isn't something I can shake

I want to hurt back
I want to make them cry
I want to go on the attack
Punish them for the lies

But I know I'm unable
To make them pay
I wish someone would enable
Me to stand up to it today

But no one but me seems to hear
No one but me seems to get hurt
No one else has reasons to fear
No one else is terrified to wear a skirt

A skirt that won't fit
Won't be right
I just can't take it
I want to get out of here tonight

But, no, my mom's calling
Telling me it's time to go
The bus is waiting
And now it's time for the horror show

I try to get dressed nice
Comb my hair the best I can
But I know I've still got lice
From my mom's last man

I try my hardest to be good
But it isn't working
I just wish that I could
Cause them some suffering

People say high school isn't forever
That I'll get out one day
But I can't go on never
Being able to make them pay

But for now I can't break free
For now I'm trapped here
Will someone please help me?
When I'm paralysed by fear...?

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