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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

~~I Wished For You~~

I'm so tired of this
Couldn't we have had
One last goodbye kiss?
Something to make me less sad....

But I guess that's not possible
Because now you've gone away
And as I start to tremble
And wish for a new day

Somewhere I know
You'll be laughing
Somehow I know
You'll be done crying

I drop to my knees
Unable to breathe
Whispering, "Please....
"Let me have my dreams."

Do you know why we met?
I had seen a star
And wished that I would get
No matter how far

A girl as beautiful as the dawn
With a soul as pure as the mist
I got you, but now you're gone
Without so much as a goodbye kiss

I try to recall the memories
Of the sweet and beautiful girl, oh so kind
But none come; they only tease
The surface of my mind

I try to hold on
But there's no surface to grasp
And then I witness the dawn
As your name slips from my grasp

I fall down, whimper and try to shriek
But not a sound escapes my lips
I feel so very weak
As I forget the silk of your lips

Oh beautiful, will you remember
Me, the young man
You enchanted last December?
Or will you have forgotten, as only a woman can...?

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