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Monday, April 23, 2012

~~What Am I Living For?~~

I live for the dreaming
I live for the dying
I live for the hours spent
Blogging, tapping away at the keys
Trying to formulate
My wild, unformed thoughts
Into things meant to be read
By the entire freaking world
I live for the hope
In everyone's eyes
Hope for the future
Hope of recovery
Hope of a fresh start
Hope of a new friend
Hope of a new dawn
I live for the nights
Of curling up
Watching movies, kissing and feeling
Each other's warmth
Tickling and laughter
Tenderness and love, sweetness
I live for the memories
Of the people and times
Long gone by
Of the things I'd forgot
Or the people I'd simply left
Without so much as a goodbye
I want to reach out
To all those people
And tell them I'm sorry
For leaving
Without repaying you
For all the things you had done
For me
I live for the wishes
Of a better time
Of worse times
I live for you
I live for my friends
I live for my blog
I live for my love of life
I live for Egypt
I live for Venice
I live for a pair of boys
Who chased after me down the Nile
Calling out to me
I live for Wahid
Who fought for my hand
In marriage
So long ago, in Egypt
I live for a hole
In Delphi, where I found
A pretty little stone
I live for
The hell in my life
I live, I live, I live
I live for me.

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