~~This Time It's Different by Evans Blue~~

Language Barriers?

Monday, April 23, 2012

~~Musical Chairs~~

We stand, switch roles
Move fast, don't be the last!
Oh no, wait wait wait...
Collapse gratefully
Into a new place
Throwing the game
Into balance again
One or more collapses
Their life a ruin
As chairs and spaces
Are snatched away by ghosts
How soon will the music end?
When will the song change?
Maddening, hyper, slow, sad
Music angry, music weeping
Grieving, howling, begging, moaning
Pain, pleasure
Love, loneliness
Hated, hopeful
Sickened, sinful
I love you I love you I love--
You're gone
You didn't make it
Just like all the others
I stole....
I stole this place from you
You face the demons
Fade away, like the rest
I whisper an apology
And stagger
On through the game
Don't stop, the music's pounding
Run and race
Cruelty and kindness
Opposite strategies
Never sacrifice yourself
Get up get up get up!
How could you have fallen?
But the game goes on
The game goes on
And on and on and on....

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