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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

~~Her Rain: A Story of Love~~

I'm standing here
A heartbeat
From being with her
She's sitting there
A heartbeat
From leaving me forever
Our heartbeats
Pound in time
She looks up
At me
Looks down
At water

At the river
That awaits her

I drown
In her rain
I burn
In her fire
She turns
And looks at me
She swallows
Whisper something
That barely passes
For an apology
My eyes close
Say, very softly
"It's okay."
I couldn't move
Couldn't run forward
I knew I couldn't
Get to her
In time
And she....
She knew this too
She shuddered
And said
Ever so softly
"Please give me....
"One reason...."
I know the words
She whispers next
Even though the wind
Snatches the sound
Away from me:
"One reason to live."
I open my eyes
Ad say
Softly, so softly
Like silk:

"Live for me."
"But I've....
"I've hurt you."

I shiver
At these words
Yes...Yes she has hurt me
She hurt me
More than anyone else
In my entire life
More than my father
Who beat me
More than my mother
Who abandoned me

More than the bullies
Who made my childhood hell

(And my high school life as well)
More than my so-called friends
Who will abandon me before this all ends
But I couldn't deny
The love that ached
In my veins
I couldn't deny
Her temptation
My beautiful Black Rose
"Everyone hurts me."
I say softly, before continuing
"I love you.
"Please let me
"Be your reason.
"Because you're mine."
I look at her
Watch her
Take in my words
She smiles
Ever so faintly
And steps
Off the railing
Onto the bridge
And fall
Into my arms.

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