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Monday, April 23, 2012

~~Dear Readers: Hola Post~~

Dearest Readers,

Почему вы, ребята, как этот блог так много? For those of us who are not Russian and cannot read that (the only reason I knew that was google translate ftw) I'm asking: "Why do you guys like this blog so much?"

It's perhaps a legitimate question, because really all this blog is is ME. I'm a fifteen year old freak, a loner with not many friends, who barely speaks, has oddly epic hair, spends her hours working on school work, studying, chatting with friends world wide, roleplaying, used to have a massively huge and overwhelming amount of online drama, and I write novels, poetry, draw, make bookmarks and jewellery outta leather, and....Dear freaking god I am EPIC!!!!

Okay screw it I know why you guys read this....I'm not exactly normal now am I? Normal Ain't Normal, now that is ME!

I love you dudes, so freaking much. I dunno where I would be without you. You Russians really seem to like this place, along with those blasted Americans. Kidding kidding I like my southern neighbours well enough, especially because a lot of my friends are them. I think I'm being a bit offensive so I'll quit rambling about this and ramble on about something else instead.

I am trying to figure out a lot of stuff right now, remembering who I was and trying to understand how I got here....Lord I've gotten far! You guys possess just a small snapshot of my entire life, and I wish I could give you it all! I've had one hell of a life and I wish I could record it and hand it to you and say: "Here, have me. What do ya think?"

I've travelled the world, done so many things...Oh the stories I could tell you! Oh the tales I could weave...I will tell you as many as I can over the course of this delightful little blog, I swear! Dearest readers, we have come very far....Through Savior, Emily, Tolga, Alexander, and everyone and everything after my Wolf and I to now, to real life....

We have come so far, and there is still so many miles to go....I think Robert Frost said it best:

"The woods are lovely, dark and deep
"But I have promises to keep
"And miles to go before I sleep
"And miles to go before I sleep."

I love you from now on into forever....

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