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Friday, January 27, 2012

Questions and Answers--Life Post

Q. If you had a choice to be with Adam, Saquan, Shade, Will, Trevor, Alexander, Stephanie, one of the many others, or someone in real life, what would you choose?
A. I would in a heartbeat choose Adam. No matter where he is, no matter how far away, I will always love him and I will wait for as long as it takes. He is perfect for me....

Q. What is your biggest regret about your online life?
A. That I can never seem to stop complaining about it. I figured out recently that I have four lives: School life, social life, private life, and online life. And all four of them, while being far from perfect, are definitely amazing. I wouldn't trade them for the world.

Q. Do you miss Emily?
A. Not much to be honest....I mean.....I guess a part of me won't ever be able to let her go, but now that she's gone, I am truly better off. I wish her luck in life, wherever she is and wherever she goes.

Q. In your opinion, how much danger is your online life?
A. I have heard the horror stories, spoken to people who've been through a thousand things worse than I have. And yes I've gone through hell and made my mistakes, mistakes I'll make again, but I don't regret what I've done and I doubt my life could ever be ruined because of this life I've led.

Q. Have you ever cut or attempted to cut?
A. I have attempted to cut but that was only once, a long long time ago, and it will never happen again.

Q. Have you ever wanted to die?
A. No I honestly haven't....I've wished I could escape from everything, but I never wanted to die. I know that would hurt too many people and perhaps cause collateral damages--people like Adam who might just either follow me into death or break.

Q. Who would you die for?
A. Adam and Domenic. If it came to a choice between them suffering more than they could stand or me losing everything and dying, I would choose to sacrifice myself to make them smile. Adam is my world and life, and Domenic is my brother, and I would choose him over everything else.

Q. What is your biggest overall regret?
A. Falling so hard so many times....I wish I had been more careful.....But my heart was shattered and now I'm loving Adam with the pieces, not with everything I am, because I don't have that anymore.

Q. Can you cope with whatever comes your way?
A. Hell's yes I can. I'm diamond and I can't be broken. Kiddies, how much hell have I gone through? A freaking lot. How much hell will I go through? A lot more. I can deal. I won't ever break and I won't ever bend. I'm done with complaining--I'm amazing and so is my life.

Q. Who do you love?
A. Adam........No one else because I've given up on everyone else who said they love me. I know they cared but I've been cared about too much, so now I'm just going to love him and him alone.

Q. Do you love yourself?
A. Dude I'm beyond amazing. At least according to a lot of people I know, whether I know them in real life or not. If everyone thinks that, then there has to be some truth behind it, right? And I'm the first to call myself a loser, awesome, weird, crazy, or insane. So I pretty much love myself xD I know who I am and there isn't a thing I'd change about me.

Q. Will you marry Adam when you're eighteen?
A. Erm...Uh....OH LOOK A DISTRACTION!!! *Tosses a cookie to the reader.* LOL xD Okay yeah.....I think I will but I don't wanna think too much long term, especially when him and me live 1,829 km apart....

Q. Will you always continue to post on this blog?
A. I'll do my best. I'm planning on keeping it until high school ends.....And then we'll see. I don't want to leave you guys but I don't feel like staying in the same place, not even online. I love you all for sticking with me through hell and high water, but I might start up a new blog one day, or maybe stop posting altogether....We'll see.

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