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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

~~The Symbol of the Mansion and Meaning: Description Post~~

That, dear hearts, is the symbol of the Mansion.

I have been sketching this since I was very, very young. I did not know where it came from until not very long ago, when my Figments explained it to me. I always draw the simplified version--eight pointed star beneath a single black line of sky. I do not bother with the colored curving lines. But they do add to the image, do they not?

Every line you see there is a pair of Figments, one at each end. The vertical middle line with the purple curving addition is Stepha (top) and Raven (bottom). As they are very good at keeping each other balanced, but not suited in the least for supporting others, they are placed where they are. And the color purple signifies them and their tendency to...be a D/s pair.

Going clockwise is Dana (top) and Kakana (bottom). They are a bit less balanced, but more able to deal with others and they also tend to be prominent, so they come up next. The light grey signifies that they are half human and half angel, and do not exist without darkness in their light.

The middle line with the pure white decoration is Raphael (right) and Alakina (left). They are my supporters and my strength--the ones who hold me tight. If need be, they can and will save everyone here--including me.

The remaining line with the dark grey curls is Jace and Nikita. They are neither good nor bad--and they protect us. They are extremely good fighters, but they are useless with social issues. The grey signifies their personalities more than anything--Nikita so cheerful, and Jace so...negative. Add them together and you get grey.

The line separate from the star belongs to Michael and I. His intro post will follow this one. He is my opposite--the night to my day. My hate. My coldness. The opposite of everyone else. And yes he is new here.....

The gold curving line signifies glory. The blue is sorrow. And the black....Honesty and truth.

I apologize for disappearing for so many days....

See you later loves.

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