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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

~~Listen to Me~~

Let go of the part of you
That screams out to die
Let go of the darkness in you
That never stops its cry

Let go of the part inside
That you keep shut up tight
Let go of what you hide
And only let out at night

Let go of the tears
All the ones that aren't real
Let go of your irrational fears
And let yourself truly feel

Love is worth believing in
Let go of the thought that it's not
Let it in, let it in
Your chances for life aren't shot

Let go of the broken feeling
The thought that you don't matter
Let go of it, and start your healing
The world won't always shatter

Let go of it all, and live once more
I know it's hard, but it's worth it I swear
Shove away all your doubts and lock the door
Someone will one day be there

You won't always be alone
Let go of that loneliness too
This dark life isn't the only one, you know
Someone is there, waiting in the light, for you

Trust someone who's been there
Who broke and cried every night
Believe someone who thought no one could care
Until she saw that she was their light

Listen to the words of an angel
Who's flown so much
And spent so long in hell
Savouring the fire's touch

Believe the broken girl who was fine all along
The one who hid her real strength because she never knew it
Believe someone who is really, truly strong
And made it through all of it

All the heartbreaks and the pain
The ending of the world, again and again
Believe you me, the day will come when
You can truly feel again

The numbness will fade
And be replaced by hope
May you find your way out of the shade
And find a good way to cope

Believe me, my friends
Everyone I know, and everyone who reads this
This life will go on for a long time yet before it ends
Now quit reading, and feel the sunlight's touch

It's time for you to heal
And be happy and be brave
You'll get back life's zeal
And be rewarded for everything you gave.

I promise.

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