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Sunday, December 9, 2012

~~A Song for the End: Life and Thoughts Post~~

I'm trying to find a song that would be my legacy....

My goodbye to this world, played at my funeral.

My requiem.

What song would fit this young yet so very hurt blogger, as she goes to die?

As she fades away?

I have a few ideas for you....

What Will I Remember by Emilie Autumn

Goodnight Sweet Ladies by Emilie Autumn

Goodnight Demon Slayer by Voltaire

Story of a Girl by Nine Days

Broken Angel by Boyce Avenue

Beautiful Girl by Broken Iris

Best I Can by Art of Dying

So far, these are the only ones that have come to mind....Don't know why I'm really thinking about this so much, but I'm oddly very morose tonight.

I love you all, though.


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