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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

~~I Don't Understand~~

You said you knew what was best for me

Was it really making me love you?

Was making me hurt, even if I never admitted the pain

What was best for me in your eyes?

You know the life I've led

And you know how far I've been thrown

And how far back up I've had to fly

Did you really think that this

That making me love someone I can't touch

I can't hold, and listen to, and kiss

Was best for me?

Please, don't forget the kind of man

I know you to be

You're so much better than you'll ever let yourself see

Just like I am

You're my shadowed light--and I'm yours

Can we remain that way, somehow?

Even if we're only friends, can we still say I love you?

Even if we never kiss again, can I hold you?

You know....

I don't understand

How strongly I feel for you

And how strongly I'm hurt

By being made to go make myself a cheater again

After I finally believed myself to be honest....

Oh, hun.....

I still love you

And you know I won't ever stop loving you

Please, please don't let me be

Don't let me ever be alone

For when I'm alone

I can no longer fly

And I can no longer shine

Be the one I hurt the most

If you think you can take it

Be the one watching on the sidelines

If you think you have to

Be the one I long to have

But can never touch

If we both think you're able to

As long as you be mine

I think it's all okay....

I love you.

Forever and a day.

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