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Monday, December 3, 2012

~~A Blogger is Me: Life Post~~

everyone! I'm sitting quite calmly in careers class with absolutely nothing to do--very much done all of the projects for this class.
Therefore, you are forced to enter the insanely epic world of my blog once again!
How are my views doing, anyways? I didn't get a chance to check since I left for Ted's place Friday night, and as Blogger is currently iBossed (aka can't get on it because apparently it contains prohibited forums content) I can't check it at school. I wonder how many views my NaNoWriMo post got? I hope it got very popular....
Okay. My plan for next year?
It will be during November, crashed with coffee and food in Timmies for several hours writing like mad on my laptop. To further drive the point that I am doing NaNoWriMo, I'll put a nice big sticker on my laptop. Or tape. Whatever works. It will say: CAUTION, NaNoWriMo Novelist at Work. Bystanders May Be Written Into the Story.
I wonder if I'll meet up with people? Hopefully I'll get at least one writing buddy! It would be amazing to have someone to write with me.
Hopefully, the Tim Hortons where I'm close to will have an outlet....I know it has WiFi, but an outlet to charge my laptop is just as--if not more--important.
Okay yeah. That is a bit of a depressing saying. But it still looks cool!
Imma try and get that picture downloaded and posted here soon--the one I mentioned earlier, the one I want on my laptop.
Okay. I am not on my laptop--on a school comp so I cannot type.
I quit!
I love ya all.

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