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Monday, July 16, 2012

~~I'm Lost--Thoughts Post~~

Unattainable is glory.

I'm losing it all....

The ability to love is flying far from me.

I'm running far, but I only seem to find myself trapped more and more in the night. I wake up gasping from the weight of memories that aren't mine.

The minds of my Figments are taking me over.

I waken and find myself burning alive in a church, the woman I had loved my entire life running forward, leaping to throw herself at my twin right before the roof caves in--saving him at the cost of herself.

I waken and find myself staring into the terrified eyes of my child as a massive lion leaps at him.

I'm losing it.

I'm losing it.

Raphael and Alakina are taking me over, and even though they've faded back to their home with the rest  I'm still being flooded with their memories.

They're afraid, as am I, of what is going on.

And other things are tearing through me....

I'm Angel.

Drifting between sanity and insanity.

Reality and imagination.

What's left for me but hope for the future?

Hope for the ESCAPE?

I want to break free....

I wanna run, right into someone's arms.

Someone who knows me.

Who loves me.

Ted, Ian, Master....

Someone hold me.....

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